Wagtown Curriculum

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Curriculum To Teach
Kids About Dog Safety
& Responsibility

Wagtown's K-1 Curriculum was created in partnership with PBS and built to national education standards. This set of lessons is a fun way to teach kids about dog safety, responsible dog ownership, self esteem, unconditional love, and all about the wonders of dogs.

Wagtown’s dog ownership education materials for kids have been tested with public and private schools, daycare centers, homeschoolers, and animal advocates across the country.


This educational tool is built to national education standards to ensure ease of use for teachers and caregivers. In order to ensure the best possible experience for both the teacher and the student, Wagtown reached out to teachers in several districts to pilot the program with their students. Here are a few of their comments:

 "It's well written and hits on high points that should cultivate compassion and understanding of our bond with animals."

"I LOVED this!"

"I love what you are doing, and I truly think you can adapt this to upper elementary grades!"

"The cute and friendly graphics are really approachable."

 "The thing that I like most about this new curriculum? Child participation. Doing."

"I found that the Wagtown curriculum understood the fundamental theories of learning, humane education, and how to relate to children."

From the survey of educators, we learned the following compelling information:

1. 100% of the educators surveyed would rate the curriculum as "Very user friendly."

2. 100% of the educators surveyed stated that the curriculum would add value to the classroom.

3. 100% of the educators surveyed stated that the curriculum met national standards to their satisfaction.

4. 100% of the educators surveyed stated that the possibility of them using the curriculum, if it were made available to them, was "Very likely" to "Extremely Likely." In fact, a majority of those surveyed were "Likely" to "Extremely Likely" to replace existing curriculum with Wagtown Curriculum.

The formative years of early learning are a critical time to introduce humane behavior modeling. Our primary focus is on educating children and their families about responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs. Just as recycling curriculum was heavily used during the green initiatives in our country to influence positive attitudes about caring for the Earth, our hope is that the Wagtown K-1 Curriculum will start conversations both in classrooms and in family rooms about these key topics.

Wagtown Curriculum for K-1, complete with activity sheets.

Wagtown Curriculum for K-1, complete with activity sheets.