Wagtown Dog Trails

Wagtown Dog Trails are dog-friendly spaces to get out and walk, meet other playful puppers, get info on local dog-friendly events, hold programs, and more. Dog Trails increase community walkability for pedestrians (both bipedal and quadrupedal), foster social experiences, encourage healthy lifestyles, deter crime, provide a forum to demonstrate responsible dog ownership, and get dogs the fresh air they love!

Wagtown collaborates with local project leaders (like you), as well as local governments, to customize Wagtown Dog Trails to the needs of each specific community. Some Trails emphasize community interaction by bringing neighbors together. Other Trails connect green spaces or bolster key economic zones. Wagtown Dog Trails are also great sponsorship opportunities for businesses looking to create positive engagement with dog-loving potential customers.

While each Wagtown Dog Trail is customized to create the best outcomes for local dog-friendly communities, there are some traits they all share:


Dog waste stations will be available along the trail and at "Wagtown Barking Spots."


Dog-paw path indicators guide you along the 2-mile trail.


Trail markers to help you navigate and keep you and your pooch motivated.


In partnership with local artists, Wagtown Barking Spots provide places to rest, tether your pooch, connect with other dog lovers, and engage creatively with your fuzzy friends.

Let us know if you want a Wagtown Dog Trail near you!

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