Wagtown Barking Spots


Build a Dog Park Anywhere

The first Wagtown Dog Trail is coming to Dayton, Ohio! It’s a dog-friendly tour connecting two districts to give dog lovers easy access to poop bags, resting places, and spaces to chill and connect. The trails will increase walkability, foster social experiences, encourage healthy lifestyles, suppress crime, encourage responsible dog ownership behavior, and promote humane lifestyles. The proposed date of completion is late spring of 2020 to take advantage of warm temps for installation and great weather to ribbon cut the Barking Spots and start wagging!

Wagtown can work with you to create unique, local dog-friendly experiences that will get people yapping. Wagtown offers a number of resources for community leaders interested in integrating dog-friendly environments into every area of a community. Our team of experts helps local organizers with everything from site selection and artistic alliances to waste management and marketing. Making your team’s vision an official Wagtown initiative gives you access to greater resources, experience and expertise.

We're currently accepting proposals to work with grassroots groups, neighborhood associations, business leagues, and municipalities. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

Wagtown Barking Spots are a perfect place for service dog puppies to practice socialization while out in bustling public spaces.

Wagtown Barking Spots are a perfect place for service dog puppies to practice socialization while out in bustling public spaces.

Wagtown supports Barking Spots by helping with:

  • Integration with popular mapping apps as well as directional signage

  • Informational signage to educate and inform the community

  • Pet waste disposal stations, to keep Spot’s spot looking extra fresh.

  • Options to recognize local donors and/or business sponsors

  • Hosting public meetings to gather community feedback

  • Promotion on websites and social media channels to get the word out Wagtown Dog Trails and/or Wagtown Barking Spots

  • Help with marketing materials the launch and promotion of Wagtown Dog Trails and Wagtown Barking Spots

  • Event planning assistance to increase engagement with the space and exposure of project partners


Wagtown partners with local arts organizations to implement a call for entries process that will provide the prospective artists with a template and specifications for the base unit that they will use as their inspiration and canvas. The Wagtown team and local judges will help with selecting the best and operationally feasible winners. We invite contractors to be a part of that team to lend expertise regarding the installation and substrate use should you be chosen to be involved in this exciting endeavor.