Wagtown Ambassador Service Learning Academy


Become a Certified Ambassador for Dog-Friendly Communities

The Wagtown Ambassador Academy service learning program helps motivated volunteers become certified experts in the creation and enhancement of authentic dog-friendly communities. This fun course offers learning, collaboration, inspiration, and community outreach. If you’ve been looking to take your “dogness” to the next level, this is definitely it.

Participants in the Wagtown Ambassador program learn about the resources available in their area, challenges faced by dog-friendly communities, opportunities to support local humane and dog-friendly initiatives, and best practices for engaging with the broader movement toward a dog-friendly world. As part of the academy program, participants will be required to volunteer 25 hours and assist Wagtown in dog-friendliness outreach activities in their region.


What does it mean to be a Certified Wagtown Ambassador for Dog Friendliness?

This certification is a service learning program designed by Wagtown to educate participants about increasing authentic and responsible dog friendliness in their region, and how they can be a part of that transformation.  

What Makes Wagtown Communities More Dog-Friendly?

A Wagtown Community is a place where residents recognize and enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of authentic dog-friendliness.

These communities are vibrant, strong, and better connected. Wagtown destinations attract people, spur economic growth, and foster loyalty.

Wagtown Service Learning Academy Details:

  • Summer 2019 class: applications closed

  • Cost: $150 and 25 volunteer hours per participant

  • Length of instruction: 20 hours

  • Each student receives a 3-ring binder for course materials, Wagtown swag, tote, official Wagtown Ambassador ball cap and official Wagtown AmbassaDOG vest with leash

  • Waiver for each dog enrolled required.

  • Proof of vaccinations and registration required.


What is “Service Learning?”

Service learning merges classroom instruction with experiential learning and community service to holistically identify and meet the needs of individual dog-friendly communities.

Program Learning Styles

  1. Interteaching for student-led learning

  2. Analysis of dog-friendly topics in group discussion

  3. Application of knowledge in team work for project

  4. Application of knowledge in individual service work

  5. Creating independent or team work final project

  6. Evaluation via quizzes and tests

Learning Objectives of Wagtown Ambassador Service Learning Academy

  1. Students will understand the legal and cultural reasons behind dog rules and regulations.

  2. Students will understand the impact of dogs (good and bad) on public spaces.

  3. Students will discover, catalog, and communicate dog-related resources in categories of health, safety, responsibility, economic vibrancy, humane services, and welcoming infrastructure.

  4. Students will promote and exemplify the responsible dog-friendly message.

  5. AmbassaDOGS and their humans will strive to help teach authentic standards and exemplify Wagtown’s vision.

APPLICATIONS closed at this time. space is limited. If REGISTRATION IS full or closed, please join the waiT list BELOW.

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